Accurate Big Financial Analytics Required In Today’s Informations society

QPS’s Profit Model Measures Profit Analytics 5.105278 to the 12th

QPS’s Profit Model Creates an On-Demand Contribution Margin with 3 to 7 Decimals for accuracy. All Numbers Flex Around the Contribution Margin and planned engineered profit specification

QPS’s Profit Scheduling Measures All Activities on the lean Value Stream profit map mesh system = 1.508377 to the 10th

QPS’s Tomorrow Today Provides a Companywide Future Profit Picture Puzzle with an Agreed to learning Curve

QPS’s Profit Assurance System ensures all Future Profit/Pricing is Doable Prior to Issuance to companywide Work in Progress


Connectivity is not communication, much less understanding. A central grasp of the situation with QPS (visibility systems) makes the process itself into its own message to everyone at once. Everybody knows what to do that is routine without meetings, directives, and the process is its own prompter for improvement. Few power games, or misunderstandings, no politics, future profit picture puzzle real-time measurement owned by operations. Attacking the what not the who, manufacturing methods not people.

In 90 days or less 80% of your work statement will be routine. Relieving your stress and providing accountability to all stakeholders to produce your profit/pricing specification. Risk Reduction with improved profit proficiency!

Chart of Accounts “COA” parametric Time-Driven Activity-Based Profiting analytics uploaded to Profit Scheduling’s Profit Engineering and Profit Engineering Pricing real-actionable-time.

Standard GAAP Accounting is for external reporting never intended for internal measurement. Consequently, it is far too slow and inaccurate “in the old days the big eat small used to be a common saying in the business world, but in today’s environment, the fast eat the slow” it also divides the company in two SG&A and Factory Overhead measuring Cost of Goods Sold “COGS” instead of profit real time, it’s not granulated enough for internal reporting in order to run the business at the speed of thought, The company is one team measuring total company performance with profit the target not sales a 21st century requirement for the information society the current generation. Lastly it is a top down extractive process, “let’s get rid of as much as we can including employees.” creating a culture of distrust, not for today’s economy based on a culture of trust.

It’s not your fault you have been provided the wrong tools for todays’ glocolization economy.

Create a cloud app to provide you with a much-required Culture of Trust Platform. For the first time your goals match your current and future performance requirements to manage the necessity of your adequate profit specification plan.

Provide Leadership Where the Wealth Is Created!

The challenge of lines of communication going from 3 employes 14. Just like the lines of communications your future engineered profit/pricing specification requires future accurate big financial analytics to ensure profit profiency in todays golcolization business world.

QPS’s Profit Model: Measures Profit Analytics 5.105278 to the 12th = 313,496,539.153 supporting both producing should be X, Y and Z axis producing 626,939,078.306 grid points from the Profit Model up loaded to Profit Scheduling in 10-point increments based on equivalent dollars (dollars under the factory roof including S.G.&A.) Utilizing the profit model to determine the on-demand contribution margin with up to seven decimal points for the accuracy required to estimate (profit/price) per part, Lot and parts contained in a PO # possibly encompassing several years and millions of parts.

QPS’s Profit Scheduling: The Profit Control Coordinator creates a fixed profit schedule with engineered profit/pricing containing the number of parts, quality and on-time delivery to meet the customer requirements. Profit Scheduling interpolates the ten increments to one point = 6,269,930,783.612 profit/pricing grid points with the planned engineered profit/pricing at each grid point. The company-wide critical path value ADD stream (routing) including the outsourced supply chain is over laid on the profit/pricing grid with real-actionable profit proficiency information.

QPS’s Tomorrow Today: Provides a company-wide future profit picture puzzle including an agreed to learning curve.

QPS’s Profit Assurance System: Ensures all Future Profit/Pricing is Doable Prior to Issuance to Work in Progress.

The combination of the four modules plus Buck Sheet (profit/pricing and profit engineering) creates a company-wide profit map with each order and operation (activity) profit way-point measured by Time-Driven Activity-Based Profiting KPI grid lens providing real-time visible mapping of each stakeholder maintaining the proper touch, TAKT and Profit Flow Time to stay on the profit master schedule producing your planned profit/pricing specification.

Real-time profit visibility across the business, with 24/7 access from any browser.