Big Picture How It Works

Quantum Profit Science is cloud based SAAS platform providing financial engineering, drawing on tools from applied mathematics, computer science, statistical solution of problems such as pricing matching current operational performance in real-actionable-time finance from tomorrow’s companywide future profit picture puzzle.

Short version of How It Works. There are four main modules and one sub set + 5 additional optional modules. We will leave off the optional mods.

1. Profit Model: transitions Standard GAAP practices chart of accounts to Time-Drive Activity-Base Profit/Pricing Big Analytics.

2. Profit Scheduling: receives the big financial analytics from the PM and attaches them to a finite blocked front back critical path capacity planning master schedule with profit/pricing target requirement. Profit is an engineered specification. It is a two button system, 4D cubed master schedule 4D is X, Y, & Z + time cubed, touch time, TAKT time and Profit Flow Time drilled down to every stakeholder’s activity “companywide” on the Lean Value ADD Stream the routing “Buck Sheet”. The combination of PM and PS creates planned engineered profit/pricing big analytics PM = 5.105278 to the 12th. PS = 1.508377 to the 10th profit/pricing grid points map requiring 3 to 7 decimal points for accuracy to balance inventory producing an accurate on-demand contribution margin represented in equivalent dollars portrayed through the KPI lens of every stakeholder’s activity representing profit flow day “buffer”, TAKT time “the Lot” and touch time for every activity “companywide” in every lot real-actionable-time portrayed on the mesh system. This is measured in equivalent profit dollar sales which is variable, and profit/time is fixed all numbers flex around profit/time by lot and each PO #. The sub set located in PS is the Profit Control Coordinator “PCC” which creates the critical path capacity planning “routing” level loads the entire company’s assets facilities, equipment, work centers “profit centers” including the most important profit center QA, including all employees and departments. This routing is the overlaid on the profit grid “mesh with all the profit waypoints identified real-actionable-time. In addition, the PCC uses the system to create linearity of all work statements in work in progress “WIP” which is now companywide to have the same planned engineered profit/pricing, no winners or loser jobs issued to the companywide WIP. This produces a schedule “data stream mesh” providing QA, on-time delivery and planned engineered profit/pricing. This mesh is a grid system of every possible profit pricing map waypoint on the critical path traveled over reporting real-actionable-time to the each profit waypoints, thus reducing sunk profit/pricing time to near zero. This balancing of planned engineered profit/pricing is required to then measure each gross effort and provide a starting point for GainShare, the companywide performance reward system, supporting high potential work groups producing supper profit and “High Pots.” work groups a 21st century requirement to gain and maintain employees.

3. Tomorrow Today: this is a continual support module providing the companywide future profit picture puzzle including a learning curve by day, week, month or years. A full pull from your future companywide profit/pricing picture puzzle requirements. This profit/pricing results in capital free profit.

4. Profit Assurance System: this is a continual support module looking at every activity in profit engineering and profit pricing “Continental Can Company in the 50’s called it “industrial accounting” bounced against current activities of similar requirements with the new learning curve to insure all new learning curve activities can be produced prior to issuance.


Real-time profit visibility across the business, with 24/7 access from any browser.