QPS’s started developing this in 1983 and has delivered it for over 35 years. It is now in the cloud delivered remotely.

PROFIT FLOW Production Optimised

Schedule Profit an Engineered Specification tailored to each unique work statement starting with pricing ending in finished goods inventory drilled down to each stakeholders KPI’s on the company wide Lean Value Steam in the cloud. This internal offering does not interfere with any existing process especially Std. GAAP accounting required for external reporting. No new IT required.

What profit flow speed is best for a factory?



The Correct answer is Planned Profit Velocity “PPV”

Our patented AI-MI Technology – QPS©™ system surpasses all scheduling methods used by any of today’s present ERP/MRP Systems. QPS system is simple, inexpensive to use. Profit is fixed and production performance slides to the left, JIT faster on time deliveries.

A Real Time live Profit Schedule Optimizes and Harmonize all production variables establishing the best working schedule to produce maximized profits. Leading to “Super Profits”, Capital Free Profit located in your current backlog. Full real-time visibility block chained the cloud platform mesh system allows everyone sees their KPI’s real-actionable-time. Drilled down to all activities on the company-wide operations providing a profit target “not sales,” turning profit up-side right.

The system performs over two billion calculations using Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing, the theory of constraints, chaos theory, all in a matter of seconds. Big analytics digested for real-time use with a future profit picture puzzle data.

Scheduling for Profits is a revolutionary system and method, available now for the first time. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine Intelligence, MI to find constraints, analyses of all value-added activities “operations,” producing a real-time companywide financial parameter reporting in equivalent dollar. QPS started developing this in 1983 delivering it hands-on for over 35 years. Now a cloud platform being delivered remotely, no consultants telling you how to run your business. Profit Assurance System offering provides a future, present profit picture puzzle with a cloud mesh system containing up to 20 billion pre-engineered profit checkpoints. When your companywide routing overlays the mesh check points reporting real-time, on ahead or behind profit, the schedule pulls the entire company assets for the Lean Culture.