“The achievement of adequate profit is at once a measure of the excellence of products and an absolute necessity to the maintenance of the stability and existence of a company. Viewed from a product standpoint, profit is a reward for the risk of successful product creation. Products that are not adequately acceptable to customers do not command the profits necessary for their continuation. The reverse is true for acceptable products.

Your satisfied customer decides to reward you with adequate profit
Profit is an engineered specification tied directly to all company activities

Do you have 30 minutes to discover your capital free profit?
Henry Ford: 1917, “Keep doing what you’ve done, and you will get what you got”

If Not, we wish you a prosperous business day!

Kaikaku, a rapid change event of innovation and urgency as opposed to kaizen which is smaller incremental changes to existing process. Kaikaku is revolutionary while Kaizen is evolutionary. QPS utilizes both lean concepts. Turning profit upside right. changing the old top down extractive culture to lean’s bottom up culture placing ownership of profit/pricing where it belongs, in operations where the wealth is created. QPS’s cloud platform mesh system does not interfere with any existing systems or process; it is internal reporting only not interfering with std. GAAP external reporting. No tear down of any existing systems or management tools required.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your profit was going to be at any particular moment, if you could plan, schedule, measure, and reward to ensure that you will meet your profit goals.If everyone in your company could make decisions that would ensure that your profit goals would be met? Quantum Profit Science’s offering can help you manage your company’s profitability so that it is always on-track to your goal. Sound too good to be true? Let us show you how you can revolutionize the way you run your business with no risk and almost no changes in your existing operational and management information systems. The difference is simply faster, accurate and better information!

QPS is a neat approach because our system says that you must make money. If you must do that, QPS guides your path. Discover a future companywide profit picture puzzle map and see how you can see your current position on that map real-actionable-time to know are we ahead, on or behind schedule from a cloud platform with continuous support. Schedule profit first and use the system to level load all assets to produce your accurate linearity planned engineered profit specification prior to pricing.



See profit an engineered specification real-actionable-time, from pricing order entry to finished goods

Welcome to the “world of operations finance,” lean’s new big change thinking, supported by kaizen process

Turning Profit Up-Side Right, Aim at Profit Stated in Equivalent Dollars not Sales Minus Costs

Profit is an Engineered Specification Tailored to Each Unique Work Statement

Obtaining, three to four times the profit with your existing company assets, requiring 29% “infill” sales located in your current company.  Not 360% new sales minus costs with today’s current top down extractive culture.

  • Same Facilities
  • Same Equipment
  • Same Employment Headcount

Plan: Profit Model, equivalent profit dollars fixed, and sales variable based on engineering specification

Schedule: Profit Engineering – Profit Scheduling, engineered profit specification not production scheduled

Measure/Manage: Profit Scheduling; companywide critical path capacity planning, front back Value Steam finite scheduling profit, an engineered specification, not production. A cloud mesh-platform with 2B to 20B profit check points that the companywide routing over lays by order. Lot drilled down to KPI activities. Can’t see it can’t fix it.

Reward: Gain Share; Companywide Incentive Management System Gaining and Retaining your most valuable asset the High Potential “high-tech high-touch employees required for the 21st century. Big analytics for the information society the current generation.

Residing in the cloud on the Quantum Profit Science Mesh Platform. Real and future big analytics reporting block chain data, drilled down to every stakeholder’s individual activity “KPI”. Their Profit Check Point real-actionable-time, including simulations producing future companywide profit picture puzzle including the learning curve, “where all new knowledge resides”. No new IT requirements. Does not disrupt current company systems process or external reporting. Developed and acted on by operations where the wealth is created, reporting internally only.


a. Improved Quality “SPC”, DRC supported
b. Improved JIT flow planned profit velocity “PPV” scheduling shorter flow on-time deliveries including, Lot Size One Pursuit
c. Improved Profit per companywide assets, denoted as Capital Free Profit an “engineered specification”. Drilled down to each unique work statement requiring 29% new in fill sales identified by the system from improved Lean through-put. Creating additional capacity reporting real and future time in order to replace new capacity requirements with existing in house sales. Replacing today’s present trailing fiction management culture and tools. Sales minus cost, to obtain the same equivalent profit requiring 360% new sales.
d. Retain Your Most Valuable Asset High Potential Employees

Where is profit created? Operations with companywide support creates profit, not finance accounting. Lean is a bottom up culture which QPS’s offering embraces, turning profit upside right with a bottom up asset driven 21st century culture required by the information society the current generation. See Peter Drucker thoughts written in2002.


QPS’s Lean Kaikaku + Kaizen; Aim and schedule profit, not production, rather than targeting sales minus costs. Profit is an engineered specification tailored to each priced/order by category-class. Profit is fixed and sales is “equivalent” variable. Utilizing current real-time future equivalent dollars from your future profit picture puzzle simulations, including an agreed to learning curve. Located on our cloud mesh platform data stream, owned by operations, where the wealth is created. Not from a trailing fiction supported by a top down extractive culture. QPS turns profit upside right for the 21st century information society, the current generation. With AI-MI your answer is not a result of what you expect, it is what is and will be.

  • Schedule Profit Not Sales Minus Cost Production
  1. Profit is an engineered specification containing total companywide assets
  2. Profit an engineered specification is tailored to each unique work statement in Profit Engineering by category class
  • Total assets are pulled not pushed by Profit Engineered Specification companywide cloud mesh platform
  • Results on time delivery of Profit Spec including Just In Time “JIT” ensures the following
  1. Improved Quality QA not QC Statistical Process Control “SPC”
  2. Improved On-Time shorter delivery “JIT”
  3. Improved adequate profit the engineered spec
  4. GainShare, Companywide incentive system to gain, retain high potential “High-Touch High-tech employees the most important asset in the company
  • All dollars are measured in Equivalent Dollars with profit being fixed not sales minus costs
  • Aim at Profit not Sales


It all started in 1983

As plant superintendent of one of the largest 1st tier Boeing suppliers when the owner came into my office and asked if I liked being plant superintendent, the answer was yes. He said good because that is all you can be for me. I asked what I was doing wrong he said nothing, but this company is made up of money and you know anything about money. Thinking about what he said I went back to the University ofWashington and went through the Executive Program, University of Washington Graduate School of Business with the intent to find out about money. Upon graduation two years later, I came to the unfortunate conclusion two things were clear Standard GAAP double entry accounting could not help me run operations profitability real time and the professors teaching couldn’t run a three-man gas station much less assure its profitability.

Standard GAAP double entry accrual accounting is a TRAILING FICTION. GAAP was created shortly after the great depression. Then codified by the IRS in 1939 designed to produce financial information, both the P&L & balance sheet produced 30 to 60 days after the fact and containing erroneous allocation and adjustments due to the fact the financial results never represented the actual performance of not only operations but companywide.  Starting in the late 70’s the financial “accounting began to set the game plan for the business by producing budgets for management to then control the company. This process produced what is known as top down extractive economy resulting by 2,000 US had lot 70,000 manufacturing companies and 5.6 million manufacturing jobs. During this time Wall street and its MBA foot soldiers got rich by stealing the money and sending the work offshore to other less fortunate people who produced cheaper products with less quality.

Schedule Profit an Engineered Specification tailored to each unique work statement starting with pricing ending in finished goods inventory drilled down to each stakeholders KPI’s on the company wide Lean Value Steam in the cloud. This internal offering does not interfere with any existing process especially Standard GAAP accounting required for external reporting. No new IT required.

Why Kaikaku?

Starts with a fundamental Philosophy and Culture

  • Philosophy

  • Culture, Lean Bottom up

The 100,000 ft. chain of events and tools supporting QPS’s cloud AI-MI application.

Profit Model: “PM”; Starting with the Chart of Accounts, “COA” driven PM not P&L real-time allocation of companywide costs portrayed as assets not liabilities by standard GAAP financial information. The PM’s big financial data analytics representing up to 2 billion data bits digested and provided in the cloud app rea-time to be acted on. Attributes in the PM 22,000-line items source code all numbers coming from the COA. Utilizing a seven what if algorithm starting with profit fixed, an engineered specification. Balancing inventory to zero in zero out measuring all gross effort without inventory adjustments. Creating an on-demand contribution “C/M” supporting the planned engineered profit and several other line items. Influencing the seven what if calculations. The accuracy of the C/M is relative to the size of the annual sales, if a 20MM company uses the system an individual orders C/M is accurate to the 20MM C/M requiring up to 6,7 decimals. This creates a lean bottom up asset driven, not a top down extractive process “culture” supporting the only fixed number in the entire module Profit. QPS calls that number equivalent. The notion is backward standing the notion of sales minus costs on its head and turning profit upside right.  It is very similar as to the “The General Theory of Relative” Profit is fixed, and Sales is variable relevant “equivalent” in the companywide financial big analytics. This information is seamlessly uploaded to a Wrap Rate sheet producing a one-time total hourly rate including all material and outsourcing. The system treats all outsourcing as pass through dollars thus we don’t distort the measurements as standard accounting does. The “PM” is continually updated every time a COA event is recorded, thus requiring no P&L trailing fiction data.

Engineering Profit Pricing: “EPP”; EPP receives the data from the PM and utilizing our Buck Sheet establishes a category/class for all activities relating to the companywide work statement. This includes back room standard for all stakeholder’s KPI’s including stakeholders and departments in administration, C suite on the companywide routing. Profit Scheduling which will be addressed next includes the scheduling of the entire company not just factory applied direct labor “ADL”. This data creates equivalent dollars being applied to all activities denoted as Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing Profit Pricing “T-DA-BPP”. This breakthrough tool moves the company from costing to profiting and actualizes “ABC Accounting”. Providing all data real-actionable-time. All T-DA-BPP activities are book-ended to activities book-ended accounting time slots.

Profit Scheduling: “PS”; Profit Scheduling receives all the data required from PM, EPP to be loaded into tables in company setup to the produce a profit flow schedule. PS schedules profit an engineered specification drilled down to each lot, each operation, activity in the production companywide not production. KEEP YOUR COMPANY ON PROFIT SCHEDULE and the following will occur.

  • Improved Quality
  • Better shorter on time deliveries
  • Improved planned engineered profit
  • GainShare gain and retain high potential employees “High Pots” reduced turnover

Profit Scheduling continued, utilizing our AI-MI attributes we front, back critical path capacity schedule the entire company. The utilization of The Theory of Constraint “TOC”, Statistical Process Control “SPC”, Chaos Theory and T-DA-BP/P QPS’s offering provides a tool that schedules planned engineered profit with the financial analytics. Seeing and managing every equivalent dollar with the engineered profit embedded and presented to every stakeholder responsible for the obtaining of all companywide assets. Drilling down the Chaos Theory the scheduling develops each Lot with a two-button system that creates Lots in three dimensions supported by fourth dimension Time, Touch time, ADL, TAKT time. Slippage the customer is willing to pay for 15% all pricing and estimation is based on the 85% throughput concept of the bid hours. This notion is identified a 4DQubed flow scheduling. It provides flow as Planned Profit Velocity “PPV” creating a flow schedule all work statements have one fixed profit requirement and on constant speed eliminating bumper cars in the companywide routing. The schedule is a cloud mesh platform which has taken the PM numbers and reduced them from 10 points and 10% to one point and one %. The entire company schedule, routings have been overlaid on the mesh system and every stakeholders KPI is identified. Real-actionable-time to the profit check point on the mesh grid also interpolated down between checkpoints. This data is blockchained and is read only. Only the profit control coordinator makes changes in the schedule. PS automatically water falls each operation activity ensuring the schedule critical path is not over or under loaded and that capacity planning all employees are scheduled to the agreed to daily capacity by capability identifying the cross training required to reduce employment. The pursuit of Lot size one is doable “JIT”. Also engineered profit is reviewed prior to work in progress “WIP” by the profit control coordinator to ensure no POOP Sandwiches are issued into WIP. The order review model identifies and issues all jobs start without supper profit, CAPITAL FREE PROFIT that can be calculated in the order review module. No good or bad jobs be issued to WIP all work is equal in planned engineered profit. PS the profit control coordinator schedules what is called protect number, additional work scheduled for next week’s delivery by category/class these jobs are in work running at PPV flow speed and are used to back up workflow constraints. Most importantly provide work when the Lean throughput is achieved and presented, measured real time for both forecasting and real-actionable-time infilling bathtubs caused by improved performance. Without this attribute there is no obtaining of CAPITAL FREE PROFIT. PS follows the TOC concept of Drum Buffer Rope, Drum “PPV”, Buffer PS does not schedule by touch time, ADL rather it uses the Manufacturing Day Calendar which schedules Monday through Friday excluding Saturday, Sunday and Holidays called M-Days this calendar numbers the Julian calendar 1-999 days so the system counts numbers representing days. PS then schedules recovery time, EPP time utilizing the remaining buffer time based on number of shifts scheduled. Rope is TT, PAS which pulls the entire company with the future profit picture puzzle.

TOMORROW TODAY: “TT”;TT AI-MI Uses the PM in conjunction with EPP and our continuous improvement system which contains and agreed to learning curve to do companywide simulation of what if’s for growth. Including learning curve improvements to create a future profit picture puzzle of your company’s future goals which then pulls the entire systems numbers. 90% of all information is mathematics not one individual’s independent contributors’ opinion as to what is.

PROFIT ASSURANCE SYSTEM: “PAS”; PAS receives all the data from TT and bounces it against all current company activities, operations current backroom standards to assure all new goal will be met prior to issuance. The activities, operations that are not being met are sent to EPP to be re-engineered to meet the future requirements to stay on profit schedule which pulls all company assets to accomplish planned engineered profit requirement set by the Profit Assurance System. There are additional attributes not mentioned in this 100,000 ft. description.

This Kaikaku + Kaizen offering is a full turn-key cloud platform plug and play app.

Top Line Risk Is Reduced Dramatically
Therefore, QPS Is Kaikaku
A 21st Century Requirement For The Information Society
The Current Generation


QPS Offering consists of three Phases

Phase One; After the initial 3 Day Discovery & Orientation Phase, if you choose NOT TO PROCEED with Training and Hands on Application Assistance, we will return to you the $750 you paid us.

Phase Two; Six weeks Introduction to the offering, benchmarking your business against your industry and a starting point for your organization. Setting the benchmarked goals both performance and timing. Start the setup and training for the use of Profit Scheduling, we will return all moneys spent to date if you don’t want to continue.

Phase Three; Develop the secure cloud platform and complete the company set up and training. Any time you choose not to continue notification to QPS, and the process will be stopped in 30 days or less. There are no contracts involved with our offering.





Our patented AI-MI Technology – QPS©™ system surpasses all scheduling methods used by any of today’s present ERP/MRP Systems is simple, inexpensive to use. Profit is fixed and production performance slides to the left, JIT faster on time deliveries.

A Real Time live Profit Schedule Optimizes and Harmonize all production variables establishing the best working schedule to produce maximized profits.Leading to “Super Profits”, Capital Free Profit located in your current backlog. Full real-time visibility block chained the cloud platform mesh system allows everyone sees their KPI’s real-actionable-time drilled down to all activities on the company-wide operations providing a profit target “not sales,” turning profit up-side right.

The system performs between two billion and 20 billion calculations using Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricingthe theory of constraints TOC, chaos theory, SPC all in a matter of seconds. Big analytics digested for real-time use with a future profit picture puzzle data.

SCHEDULING FOR PROFIT NOT PRODUCTION COMPANYWIDE NOT JUST WORK IN PROGRESS ‘WIP” is a revolutionary system and method, available now for the first time. It Incorporates Artificial Intelligence AI-Machine Intelligence-MI to find constraints, analyses of all value-added activities “operations”.Producing a real-time and future companywide financial parameter reporting in equivalent dollars = to profit fixed and equivalent dollars is relative to the engineered profit specification by category/class of each unique work statement drilled down to every stakeholders KPI “key profit indicator. No consultants telling you how to run your business. Profit Assurance System offering provides a future, present profit picture puzzle with a cloud mesh system containing up to 20 billion pre-engineered profit checkpoints mesh cloud system.With your company wide routing over laying the mesh check points reporting real-time on ahead or behind profit schedule pulling the entire company assets for the Lean Culture creating an asset driven.Not extractive results supporting each unique work statement with a full pull current and future profit/pricing system not a push. The 20th century top down extractive trailing fiction BF, “brute force” culture will not be supported by the 21st century information society the current generation. Learn how to, Plan, Schedule, Measure/Manage and Reward for adequate profit an engineered specification.

It is virtually impossible to see the dots how they connect and what the root cause and correction is for the current operation unless you are already looking for it.  Mismatched budgets from finance not only can’t see, they are the root cause for the disconnect and distrust between operations and finance.

Lean accounting supported by operations finance is the solution

Know your profit an engineered specification tailored to each unique work statement before you price and start the order entry – TURN PROFIT UPSIDE RIGHT

Do you want incorrect trailing information or current accurate companywide profit information?

QPS’s cloud offering resides in the present and the future profit picture puzzle


QPS delivers companywide current and future systems requiring high potential employees, high touch high tech

With QPS’s cloud offering you can reside in the current customers requirements “CATA” and negotiate real time to their needs

The answers are inside the box

When you see your capabilities real-actionable-time you can respond to the customers’ needs

Flexibility is a 21st century requirement

Close the disconnect gap

QPS’s offering measures time three ways real time, touch time-ADL- TAKT slippage the customer is willing to pay for & Buffer time measured by the manufacturing calendar

Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing

The race to the bottom line with an on-demand contribution margin in equivalent dollars real time

Schedule profit an engineered specification not production

Continuous Learning is the requirement to stay in business, all knowledge reside in the learning curve

Todays AI-MI reduces applied direct labor your ability to manage technology is paramount

QPS’s Profit Scheduling includes a company wide cloud mesh profit setpoint mesh system and the routing overplayed it includes all stakeholders

Profit Assurance Process

A new position that requires no new employee this information comes from the cloud

QPS’s system provides for the first time a direct data stream from pricing to finished goods chaired by the profit control coordinator this information is blocked chain all stakeholders see their requirement the information is rad only

QPS’s offering is a cloud app as a service CAAAS “no software requirements no new IT required

See your history real time, now and future companywide requirements

QPS will show you how to schedule equivalent dollars = relative to fixed profit not sale minus costs

Discover sales is variable and profit is fixed on each order

Discover sales is variable and profit is fixed on each order

Discover sales is variable and profit is fixed on each order

Reward your most valuable asset your employees

Gain and retain your high potential, high pots, without them you have nothing

What have you got to lose?

Are you the chicken or the pig?