Lean’s Wish List

QPS’s Actualized List The Next Logical Step In Lean

1. Fast feedback cash accounting — next day or next week, but not real time. Are we taking in more than we are spending?

2. Get rid of accounting variances; stop trying to run operations to meet flakey financial projections — based on lousy forecasts.

3. Get rid of the annual budget exercise. It’s a waste of time. A budget is out of date the day it is approved.

4. Stop using financial numbers (revenue and cost) as a framework for making strategic decisions.

5. But as far as we know, no one is targeting profit and tracking it real time. Nor do they have a great tool for pricing orders. The closest is using parametric costs as a guide in product design; engineers were doing that 100 years ago, but it keeps getting lost in financial control fog and coming back as a brand-new idea. QPS has cleared that fog.

6. Discover your Capital Free Profit existing in your current work statement

Real-time profit visibility across the business, with 24/7 access from any browser.