QPS target profit not sales and identifies the correct assets to support planned profit
 QPS requires 29% new in-fill sales to obtain 3 to 4 time your current profit
 With your current business practices, you will need over 300% new sales
 Work in Progress “WIP” issuance is accurate to less than 1% to schedule profit not sales
 WIP carries additional work scheduled from the up-coming week to protect you planned profit engineered spec.


 Full pull from Tomorrow Today and Profit Assurance System
 Supported by an agreed to learning curve with continuous improvement process
 Average starting point is 4.92% and average ending results will be 17.3%
 QPS schedules profit an engineered specification
 Full real-actionable-time visibility through-out the entire company’s Lean Value Stream
 Drilled down to every stake holders KPI’s on the critical path capacity planned “routing” companywide not just applied labor “ADL”
 All pricing matches current companywide performance and future improvement pricing


 Company Quality, On-Time “faster lead times” Delivery & Planned Engineered Profit Specification
 Utilizing existing company assets, Facilities, Equipment and Employee head count
 Able to negotiate real time with customers and protect planned engineered profit specification
 Far less sunk profit slippage with real-time measurement
 0 Profit Scheduling-Profit Tracking eliminates all idle time in the schedule
 The schedule is Lot Blocked to reduce indirect TAKT time scheduled


 The Profit Schedule has block chain attributes4D Cubed Lot Blocked finite front, back schedule with real-actionable-time reporting drilled down to all stakeholders’ activities
 Profit Scheduling-Profit Tracking is Time-Driven Activity-Base Profit/Pricing
 Theory of Constraint is embedded in the Profit Schedule Drum, Buffer & Rope
 The Profit Schedule is a full pull from your simulations of your future profit picture puzzle including the learning curve
 Profit Scheduling is a secure cloud mesh platform that can’t be revised with tenuous allocation or adjustments
 Finite scheduling Tracking creates shorter lead times allowing you to be more competitive with bidding


 Discrepancy Review Committee “DRC” provides the largest profit center in the Lean Value Stream
 DRC meets daily and executes Deming’s Statistical Process Control “SPC” with all discrepant parts re-actionable-time providing in-fill data
 QPS utilizes a second shop floor control document to protect quality, Manufacturing Operations Sheet “MOS” identifying all key characteristics in work and secondary inspection by the in-process quality department
 All WIP that that is late identified by the profit scheduling-profit tracking “Theory of Constraint/ TOC” is reviewed and resolved real time
 QPS’s TOC measures profit, not inventory, real time pulled from Tomorrow Today our future profit picture puzzle supported by Profit Assurance System “PAS”


 Artificial intelligence, AI, also machine intelligence, MI, is intelligence demonstrated by machines. QPS provides the data to inform the profit machine, in contrast to the natural intelligence, NI, displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. QPS provides future profit data digested in time for current action in the form of standardized routines. Everyone knows what to do without direction to be taken to achieve the planned profit. Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”.
 “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet. QPS provides a future “what hasn’t been done yet “a profit data cloud platform mesh system. Competing at the highest level in strategic game systems, such as chess and autonomous cars. Competitive business “manufacturing,” intelligent routing in content delivery network, QPS delivers an AI-MI cloud platform profit routing like military simulations, QPS provides companywide future engineered profit picture puzzle simulations. Business as War “Kenneth Allard”


 QPS’s Tomorrow Today and Profit Assurance System can simulate future companywide simulations to Plan, Schedule, Measure/Manage and Reward for total companywide Lean Value Stream performance
 QPS can provide a full pull from Tomorrow Today’s companywide simulations
 Profit Scheduling- Profit Tracking can provide a real-time picture to support Lean activities and keep all stakeholders fully loaded with the proper Planned Profit Puzzle “PPV”
 Utilizing QPS’s tools you can portray to your customer the on-time schedule if required


 Company wide incentive plan to gain and retain high potential employees “high pots”
 Today’s full employment economy the gaining and retaining of high pots is essential in today’s highly competitive world.
 GainShare measures gain not profit and rewards the entire company employment for Lean improvements, it is not a profit-sharing system
 All companywide employees are on the profit team and share equally


Are you COMMITTED to improving the financial results of your company……….or are you merely involved, like the chicken?