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Here is what the qpscience system does

  • Sets a target profit for each order passing through the company, not sales minus costs.
  • With the qpscience Modules, there are no more surprises.➢ Set profit target
    ➢ Schedule your profit
    ➢ Track your profit to assure target profit
    ➢ Simulates future operations (and profit)
  • Profit becomes an Engineered Specification tailored to each unique order. This makes profit tangible; therefore, it can be scheduled. Schedule profit with production and pulls the entire company.
  • Set profit check points in the cloud for each operation. Hit each check point, and you assure your profit. You know your profit target before you start. It’s not something you hope for after you finish. You know where you are with profit at any time.
  • Business to business, B2B, current data, i.e. Aerospace. Your current business decision, with your cloud data base, is communicating with your customer’s business data base. This including current revision and pricing. Boeing Catia, a requirement for all first-tier suppliers.
  • Operations finance lean Profit Assurance System “PAS”. By the time you reach port, it’s too late to correct your course. Replace your periodic sextant compass, Standard GAAP, a 30/45-day old trailing a fiction, with an on-board GPS we call Profit Assurance System the Profit Finance of NOW! 

Ship = your companywide Lean Profit Value Stream

Destination = profit an engineered specification tailored to each unique work statement

GPS = Sees entire company, not just operations

Cargo = All company commitments

Ports = On-time profitable deliveries & payments

Voyage = Current Assets & Variables, Facilities, Equipment, People, Processes, Systems

  • We call the profit check points “equivalent dollars,” equivalent to the profit target you want to hit for each order. All numbers used to generate equivalent dollars are self-generated from your existing chart of accounts in the Profit Module “AI”.
  • Each order is examined for profit and is priced before it is accepted. Then QPS tracks all scheduled activities “MI” that process that order, company wide, including offices, not just shops. It does this without disrupting any existing information systems, including your company external financial reporting systems.
  • QPS tracking Profit Scheduling “MI” updates every time someone updates an operation. Showing every order’s status against its profit target. Financial parameters update with every reported change in the chart of accounts or activity (operation is closed). All tracking is real-time. Once data is entered no one can corrupt the system. Self-generating “AI”. Self-correcting “MI”. No delays. Has Block Chain Attributes.
  • Following QPS should be able to ship a quality product, when promised, nearly all the time. JIT is assured. The system right sizes and blocks orders to create a constant flow.
  • The system is compatible with continuous improvement practices. It prods the company to use them – whether they are called lean, six sigma, employee engagement, etc. Learning curves for improvement are built in. The system utilizes Lego blocking to ensure the schedule is finite reducing idle time to a minimum.
  • QPS embraces the Lean KATA culture model followed by Kaikaku & Kaizen.
  • Because of improvement, QPS allows a company to open more capacity to new business with little investment; same machines; same people to obtain “capital free” added profit. The system right sizes each order to create all jobs run at the same constant velocity. Planned Profit Velocity (PPV)
  • Once into QPS, the system practically runs operations. People know what to do with minimal supervisory intervention, or from financial budgets. The responsibilities of senior managers evolve into setting strategy and aligning the culture with self-managing process improvement.
  • QPS is compatible with the GainShare program that creates a companywide team effort. Owner/operators’ and employees share the same goal improving the company performance. Better with Less. Once employees gain trust, they will be confident with reward system.
  • GainShare, companywide incentive plan addressing the 20th century top down extractive economy, culture. Today’s work force will not continue to produce with a precariat, rentier culture All employees need to trust the ownership is willing to share in the overall improvement of the company seen and benefited as one.


rgb(131, 0, 233)Profit?


Equivalent dollars

Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing

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