In lean management, kata refers to two linked behaviors: improvement kata and coaching kata. Improvement kata is a repeat four-step routine, by which an organization improves and adapts. This makes a continuous improvement through the scientific problem-solving method of plan, do, check, act (PDCA) a daily habit.
  1. New Culture bottom up adequate profit, not sales minus costs top down extractive culture (current standard GAAP culture).
  2. Profit Model©™ Current and future companywide profit picture puzzle with finance conditions created in operations not finance.
  3. New Target Capital Free Profit an engineered specification, tailored to every unique work statement including profit/pricing. Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing Profit Pricing.
  4. Tomorrow Today©™ and Profit Assurance System©™ Test your new learning curve targets prior to profit pricing against current conditions.
  5. NOT IN DIAGRAM QPS’S SOLUTION Execute Utilizing PROFIT SCHEDULING©™ schedule profit, an engineered specification (scientific), method to determine the target profit not sales minus costs.
  6. ALSO, NOT IN DIAGRAM, NEW CULTURE Last but not least, probably the most important of all, addressing the 21st century information society the current generation. Precariat and rentier, all stakeholder must share and trust the owner operators’ vision of wanting to improve the company. All must have a stake in better with less. Spock once said, “ the needs of many outweigh the needs of the few or one.” This replaces sales minus cost a top down extractive 20th century culture.


QPS System is a cloud based, current and future profit, an engineered specification, tailored to each unique pricing work statement. This is drilled down to every activity in the company, Lean Value-Add-Stream. It is a self-generating profit model AI and self-correcting profit scheduling MI. Standard GAAP P&L is not required to populate; chart of accounts driven. It measures and reports on current conditions. The future profit picture puzzle has the ability to assign an agreed to learning curve. This assures at the time of pricing, the bidding request for quotes at every activity. This is accomplished prior to acceptance of new commitments. This system has the ability for companies to conduct current Business to Business, B2B, share technical information with each company decision. This allows for real time negotiations responding to customers’ needs i.e. Boeing CATIA. It can provide an information system to reward all company stake holds. We identify this as CAPITAL FREE PROFIT, the center piece of the information data. The system is contained on one data stream and can monitor the entire supply chain. The system does not interfere with any existing company information. Especially your current financial standard GAAP reporting. QPS system is for internal reporting only. You continue to run your physical company under current operating conditions. There are no sales minus cost, top down extractive culture, and budgets developed on high. Budgets that don’t match current company performance. which create the largest disconnect and conflict in the company and causing distrust. Today’s businesses have two information systems. One around the current company data, and the other far older, your accounting system, which is in terrible shape, as it pertains to the current information generation. QPS’s Lean Profit System uses all three legs of the Lean stool:  KATA; Culture (bottom up)  Kaikaku; revolutionary (ingenuity)  Kaizen; small incremental change related to ingenuity (real-actionable-time) How does it work; your Chart of Accounts populate the system:  Profit Model AI ©™, Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing.  Profit Scheduling MI ©™, Schedules profit not production, the entire company including all stakeholders and departments.  Tomorrow Today©™, Develops your companywide future profit picture puzzle, creating simulations as to what you look like in the future including an agreed to Learning Curve.  Profit Assurance System©™, Assures the company can produce tomorrow’s work today prior to pricing, bidding request for quotes drilled down to every activity.


QPS System is a current and future profit system, an engineered specification, tailored to each unique pricing work statement, and drilled down to every activity in the company Lean Value-Add-Stream. It is a self-generating AI and self-correcting requiring MI; no Standard GAAP P&L is required to populate it. It measures and reports on current conditions. Future profit picture puzzle with the ability to assign an agreed to learning curve. Finally, it assures that at the time of pricing, the bidding request for quotes is accomplished prior to acceptance of new commitments. It has the ability for companies to conduct real-time business decisions with current accurate data. This provides an information system to reward all company stakeholders for what we identify as CAPITAL FREE PROFIT, the wheelhouse of the information data. The system is contained on one data stream and can monitor the entire supply chain. PS system does not interfere with any existing company information system, especially your current financial standard GAAP reporting. This system is for internal reporting. You continue to run your physical company as you presently do.
Kaikaku Revolutionary
Kaizen Evolutionary
1. Run backwards bottom up
Runs on existing company systems
2. Target Profit an engineered spec
Not sales minus costs
3. Schedules Profit
Not Production
4. Profit is fixed
Sales is variable (equivalent)
5. Dollars are equivalent to support each unique order
Profit/Pricing is fixed
6. Profit Engineering and Profit Pricing one department
Buck Sheet identifies category, class of jobs
7. Profit is an engineered specification
Tailored to each unique work statement
8. Future and real time reporting
Simulations and real time tracking
9. Simulations are based on current performance
Including Learning curve not trailing historical fiction
10. Located on one cloud data stream
Profit Scheduling companywide not just shop floor Applied Direct Labor
11. Profit is measured real time as a tailored asset
Not an after the fact fiction
12. Financial analytics self-generating
Not a made-up GAAP report
13. Not budgets created from the trailing fiction
Chart of accounts driven by all current company activities
14. Measures total companywide profit schedule
On ahead or behind the profit schedule not inventory
15. Drills down to all companywide activities
Not just shop floor control
16. Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing
Not GAAP a trailing fiction
17. Theory of Constraint TOC actualized to Profit Spec
Measured in equivalent dollars not inventory
18. Capital Free Profit existing in current work statement
In filling work when Kaizen through put increases
19. CFP requiring 30% INFILL (NEW WORK)
Additional next week’s work running in WIP for infill
20. Information generation
200 billion to 400 billion data points presented real time
21. Cloud mesh platform grid mesh system
Providing profit check points for all activities
22. Lots are blocked Lego no indirect labor in schedule
Right sizing one continuous planned profit velocity PPV
23. Can change PPV by WorkCentre (Profit Center)
Can change PPV companywide
24. Right size lots by equivalent dollars, d number of widgets
See profit/pricing with lot size one pursuit JIT
25. All companywide employees report to ADL touch time
Measures each employee, department support of ADL
26. The entire system located in your business data bank
Your business current data can communicate with Customers data bank real time in the cloud, internet
27. Asset driven know profit requirements first
Not a top down extractive process minus driven
28. Cloud platform
No new probably less IT required
29. Companywide CFP reward system
Reward internal customer (employees) for CFP everyone Is on the same profit buss pulling on the drum, buffer Rope together
30. System is a full pull
Not a push system, of BF industry Brut Force 20thcentury
31. One data stream order entry chart of accounts to FGI
Measures profit dollars delivered to FGI real time
32. Reduces surprises
See and measure what is coming real-actionable-time
33. Profit Schedule fills to profit capacity
PS Critical Path Capacity Planning is based on profit not production ensures you companywide schedule has exactually the correct profit/pricing work in work
34. QPS System PM+PS+Tomorrow Today +PAS: TOC
QPS system has operationalized The Theory of Constraint measuring profit constraints not inventory
35. On Demand contribution margins
System seeks out the C/M required to hold profit constant and ensures equivalent sales/pricing holds profit constant all unique work statements
36. Contribution Margin accuracy
Requires five to six decimal points creating accuracies to the dollar all work AI supporting Profit/Pricing
37. Dark Data
The system sees data future and real-actionable-time not available in current process or systems
38. Cloud app
No software sold and no onsite consulting we hold you able QPS provides all the data information to plan, schedule, measure/manage and reward for capital free profit
39. Protect number
The system ensures you have in work exactually what is required based on current and past history to ensure both on time deliveries and planned profit including capital free profit so the infill is real-time and running at the current planned profit velocity PPV. Without it you can’t produce capital free profit. Timing requires current profit periods
40. Improves Banking Relationship
Your bank will increase you working line due to trust of the numbers
41. All data goes directly to stakeholders
The data is read only and block chained so no one can create erroneous allocations and adjustments


The achievement of adequate profit is a measurement of the product excellence, and an absolute necessity to the maintenance of the stability and existence of a company. Viewed from a product standpoint, profit is a reward for the risk of successful product creation. Products that are not adequately acceptable to customers do not command the profits necessary for their continuation. The reverse is true for acceptable products. The satisfied customers determine your adequate profit. We all pay attention to our external customer. What about the internal customer, employees? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your profit was going to be at any particular moment? If you could plan, schedule, and manage to ensure that you will meet your profit goals, and if everyone in your company could make decisions that would ensure that your profit goals would be met? Quantum Profit Science’s offering can help you manage your company’s profitability so that it is always on-track to your goal. Sound too good to be true? Let us show you how you can revolutionize the way you run your business with no risk and almost no changes in your existing operational and management information systems. The difference is simply faster, accurate and better information! QPS is an unique approach because the system says that you have to make money. If you have to do that, QPS guides your path. Discover a future companywide profit picture puzzle map and see how you can see your current position. Schedule profit first and use the system to level load all assets to produce your planned engineered profit specification prior to pricing. Wealth is created in operations not finance, QPS solutions service operations in the form of systems and rewards.



Equivalent $ Lens


Today’s information society, the current generation, requires seeing your company through current and future adequate profit picture puzzle lens, a must. With QPS’s Profit Assurance System, PAS, profit is an engineered specification tailored to each priced unique work statement. Produce better with less. QPS’s Profit Scheduling schedules profit with production. Capital free profit is the result of Plan, Schedule, Measure and Reward. Your satisfied customer is who determines your adequate profit. QPS has broken the information barrier and cracked the profit code. QPS’s offering provides both your external and internal customers greater performance with Lean culture and tools.


The difference between the condensation nucleus and the raindrop is 10,000 times. Like the raindrops, condensation nucleus, in today’s current management systems, the profit origin points produce significant profit performance. Not only a trailing fiction but can’t be seen. Therefore, the root cause of profit constraints can never be addressed. Causing profit sunk losses, we call this dark data. QPS’s offering not only sees these vital requirements, it provides real-actionable-time lean kaizen solutions to improve the overall company performance of quality.


Plan, Schedule, Measure/Manage & Reward
It all starts with aim; you will never hit what you don’t aim at. It isn’t poor performance its bad aim, that is the issue.
Where does wealth come from?
The Information Society The Next Current Generation 2002
The Left Image Is What You Get When You Run Your Company From Standard GAAP’s P&L. A Trailing Fiction Driving Budgets That Don’t Match The Current Operation Data Systems. The Right Side is What You Get With QPS’s Profit Assurance System.
QPS’s Companywide Offering Matches The Operational Data
Allowing You To Turn Profit Upside Right
Track Your Financial Parameters Real-Actionable-Time, Companywide Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing By Stakeholder’s Activities, Operations On The Lean Value Stream. Known As The Routing. QPS Schedules The Entire Company, Not Just Work In Progress Profit “WIP”
QPS Is A Cloud Based System You Run. No More Consultants Telling You How To Run Your Company. You Just Need Current Accurate Information.
The Days Of Running Your Business By Gut Feel, Tribal Knowledge and Brute Force Are Long Gone. Please note a very important item. In order to run your company in the information generation you need many times more real and future data. Today’s current business systems there is what we call DARK DATA. Which todays systems can’t see. QPS Profit Assurance sees all of it. So, you can produce the necessary analytics embedded in your company including profit engineering specification.
Theory of Constraint “TOC” Operationalized With Profit Replacing Inventory


  • Quality: Statistical Process Control (SPC) is embedded in Profit Scheduling. Quality is the largest cause for planned profit slippage. Number one reason customers reject your ability to do business with them. FYI, Six Sigma speed gets you there, quality keeps you there. QPS reverses this notion. Quality first then speed. Speed out of control is the largest cause of failure.
  • Delivery: Faster on time deliveries, JIT. Lot one pursuit including profit ramifications related to JIT. Faster deliveries by planning slower and going faster (Rabbit & Hair). The highest risk and lowest return are speed.
  • Profitability: Adequate, up to four times the profit potential. With the same total company assets requiring over three-and one-half times less sales than today’s top down sales minus cost, extractive culture.
  • Reward: GainShare, companywide incentive plan to produce BETER WITH LESS. Allows both owner/operator and all employees to work together to improve company performance. A requirement in the 21st century information society, the current generation. Two words you should become familiar with precariat and rentier.
Our patented AI-MI Technology – QPS©™ system surpasses all scheduling methods used by any of today’s present ERP/MRP Systems is simple, inexpensive to use. Profit is fixed and production performance slides to the left, JIT faster on time deliveries. A Real Time live Profit Schedule Optimizes and Harmonize all production variables establishing the best working schedule to produce maximized profits. Leading to “Super Profits”, Capital Free Profit located in your current backlog. Full real-time visibility block chained the cloud platform mesh system allows everyone sees their KPI’s (key profit indicators) real-actionable-time drilled down to all activities on the company-wide operations providing a profit target “not sales,” turning profit up-side right. The system performs between two billion and 20 billion calculations using Time-Driven Activity-Based Profit/Pricing, the theory of constraints TOC, chaos theory, SPC all in a matter of seconds. Big analytics digested for real-time use with a future profit picture puzzle data. SCHEDULING FOR PROFIT WITH PRODUCTION COMPANYWIDE NOT JUST WORK IN PROGRESS ‘WIP” is a revolutionary system and method, available now for the first time. It Incorporates Artificial Intelligence AI-Machine Intelligence-MI to find constraints, analyses of all value-added activities “operations”. Producing a real-time and future companywide financial parameter reporting in equivalent dollars = to profit fixed and equivalent dollars is relative to the engineered profit specification by category/class of each unique work statement drilled down to every stakeholders KPI (key profit indicator). No consultants telling you how to run your business. Profit Assurance System offering provides a future, present profit picture puzzle with a cloud mesh system containing up to 20 billion pre-engineered profit checkpoints mesh cloud system. With your company wide routing over laying the mesh check points reporting real-time on ahead or behind profit schedule pulling the entire company assets for the Lean Culture creating an asset driven. Not extractive results supporting each unique work statement with a full pull current and future profit/pricing system not a push. The 20th century top down extractive trailing fiction BF, “brute force” culture will not be supported by the 21st century information society the current generation. Learn how to, Plan, Schedule, Measure/Manage and Reward for adequate profit an engineered specification.


QPS Offering consists of three Phases Phase One; after the initial 3 Day Discovery & Orientation Phase, if you choose NOT TO PROCEED with Training and Hands on Application Assistance. Phase Two; Introduction to the offering, benchmarking your business against your industry and a starting point for your organization. Setting the benchmarked goals both performance and timing. Start the setup and training for the use of Profit Scheduling. Phase Three; develop the secure cloud platform and complete the company set up and training.
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Quantum Profit Science wishes you a prosperous business day.