Ensure improved profitability for your company

Quantum Profit Science targets the profit you want, setting profit target points all through your company. You see profit as it happens, in real time. Same products, same plants, same people, but additional PROFIT! 

Do better with less.

Wealth is created in your Operations. QPS creates Planned Engineered Profit Specification that drives everything Operations does. Profit is no longer sales minus cost, but a hard engineered specification scheduled through your work system.

(In the image below, the pointing finger represents operations – where wealth is created. The $ sign being pointed at is Planned Engineered Profit, not sales minus costs)

The C-Suite sets the company’s future and current financial goals, including profit. Operations executes, creating the products and services that generate wealth.

QPS provides a breakthrough, company-wide, future and current profit response engine located in a cloud self-directing platform. P&L is not required. This internal reporting system does not disrupt any current company process or procedure, including external reporting.

Welcome to your 21st century virtual business intelligence partner, targeting profit as an engineered specification, not sales minus cost.  This is your next logical step in monetizing continuous improvement efforts such as Lean, SPC, or TOC. Better PROFIT with less. This cloud-based application transforms the P&L from a trailing fiction into a dynamic, real-time information system.  This is a tool that connects directly to the core of the business profit plan, then links it transparently and effectively to every hour of applied direct labor.  It’s the only management tool that fully integrates operating reality with the levers to sculpt financial profit results.  Enterprise, make peace with your profit!  A 20th century creation, now a 21st century requirement for the information society – the current generation.

QPS has been addressing on-shoring efforts since the 1980’s. Are you interested in knowing where your adequate engineered profit is in real time? Supporting your existing company-wide asset base, you can now protect your profit needs with QPS’s future and present profit requirement system.  Contact Us to schedule a guided tour and demo of our cloud solution.