Past Users

Continental Can Company: (CCC) Machine Mfg. Division
Stetson-Ross: Sawmill Equipment
Precision Machine Works Inc: Job Shop
Marine Iron Works; Boeing 1st Tier Supplier  Mac Donnell Aircraft: OEM
Boeing Aircraft: OEM
Lockheed Aircraft: OEM
Air Bus Aircraft : OEM
Ames Research – NASA
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Applied Physic University of Washington
Geophysics University of Washington
Dynatec: Boeing: 1st Tier Supplier
Special Interest: Auto Collision
Custom Craft Fixtures: Commercial Cabinets
General Electric: Jet Engine Group 
General Electric: Component Repair Jet Engines
General Electric: Specialty Heating Aerospace
Anderson Law Firm
Machine Design: Job Shop
Peak Manufacturing: Commercial Cabinet
Vinovation: After Market Wine Industry
Washington Biodiesel: Produced Biodiesel Fuel From Restaurant Grease Refinery
Bardahl Oil: Auto After Market Additive Provider Refinery   
Evergreen Industries: Boeing 1st Tier Supplier
PF Industries: AGSE Aircraft Ground Support, Serviced BAC Fleet Worldwide Boeing Specialty Products
Aerospace Tooling Technology: AGSE Aircraft Ground Support
Andersen Architectural: Design Engineering: Electrical, Fire, Water & Heating
Seattle Window: High Rise Building Windows
Sankin USA: Japanese micro floppy disc manufacture in USA & Japan
Evergreen Auto Works: Mechanical-Collision Repair
Baker Manufacturing: Commercial Cabinets
Progressive Machine: Job Shop
Nordstrom: New Store Division

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