Quantum Profit Science “QPS” is a cloud application, We came from hands-on manufacturing, not a University think tank. Our journey began over 50 years ago, starting with a 12,000-hour tool and die apprenticeship at the Continental Can Company machine manufacturing division considered at the time the elite manufacturing company in America. Upon finishing the apprenticeship and studies at the University of Washington, mechanical engineering with a minor in applied mathematics. Then hired by the university and joined the faculty staff in the research and development “R&D” fields of applied physics, physical chemistry, and geophysics. After 10 years at the U of W went back into the private sector starting as an office employee in a 10-man machine job shop. Was hired as an estimator in a 1st tier aerospace company. During the next 10 years working in three 1st tier aerospace companies going from estimator to manager engineering, plant superintendent, operations manager, general manager, and finally president and CEO of one of the largest west coast aerospace companies. Customers were Boeing, Mac Donnell Douglas, Lockheed, Air Bus, and 50 other aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers, “OEM”. As president and CEO our company was chosen by Boeing as supplier of the year out of 8,000 suppliers.

During the ’80s went back to the U of W and went through their executive MBA program, this is where QPS was initially conceived. During the executive MBA program, it became abundantly clear that Standard GAAP Accounting could not assist in the running of the company under the roof. In fact, it became clear it undermined the performance of the entire company, especially profit, thus started working on what has now become the Profit Model©™. An operations profit assurance engine to provide for the first time accurate on time usable financial information for operations including a total companywide rate generator to be used to support the engineering work statement. The combination of the Profit Model and Profit Scheduling©™ provides operations for the first time an accurate target tool for producing planned profit, not wrong money after the fact, a trailing fiction. This tool is for operations where the wealth is created, not finance. The other discovery during my experience at the U of W MBA program was the professors had no experience in working in or running a manufacturing company.

Starting as plant superintendent developing the profit model©™ over the next two years started turning around the companies from an operation perspective, learning that Standard GAAP Accounting was never intended for internal reporting, to be used for external reports. This in turn provides what we call a trailing fiction of what the company never was in the past being used to forecast and develop the future for the company. During our aerospace time as CEO of a company, we developed the first attempt at accessing the OEM engineering work statement. This effort evolved into being the first subcontractor working with Boeing to develop CATIA. Having completed this project was then selected to participate in an Air Force-funded feasibility study of emerging and enabling manufacturing system flexible manufacturing systems “FMS.” This provided the information highway for QPS to develop the first leg of the current Profit Assurance System located in a self-directed cloud platform supported by over 250 shop operations procedures. As the synthetic lens sees items in your company no other current systems see the SOPs provide a solution to these constraints.

After our aerospace tour, went to work for General Electric in their Jet Engine Group running three divisions of the GE aerospace division, Jet Engines, Component Repair, and specialty heating. As manager shop operations “MSO” the three divisions outperformed GE’s Six Sigma in both profit and quality. GE then sent us to their prestigious Business Learning Center Crotenville, considered the number one post-education business learning center. The political environment at GE didn’t fit our goals so purchased an aerospace company in the Aircraft Ground Support Industry, “AGSE” licensed to the specialty products division of Boeing serving their entire worldwide fleet with six other similar companies. This company was dead last in performance and had lost millions of dollars in the past. Our first year we were in the black, second year produced over one million dollars of profit and became the number one Boeing AGSE company. When we sold it the director of Boeing’s Specialty Products said they lost the best captain of the industry, we said, “not the best captain, the best system”.

Now comes the rest of the story. Upon selling Aerospace Tooling Technologies started Quantum Profit Systems working with economically disabled companies in conjunction with Banking Special Credits. Acted as a fractional CEO for ten years Turing abound small to medium sized companies. During this period discovered, we could interface the Profit Model with a shop floor control scheduling system, Profit Scheduling©™ developing the current Profit Assurance System “PAS.” After this 10-year period, changed course and deployed the current system. Went on-site as the profit control coordinator. During this period, we copyrighted the system and put it in the cloud as an Azure SQL product to be licensed and distributed. During the ten years, we went on-site as the profit control coordinator and turned around 20-plus companies with the cloud offering.

Today we are starting again with a new approach of providing a self-directed tried and proven product that teaches companies to schedule profit and engineered specification, not production. This allows companies to put wealth back where it belongs in operations, not finance. The combination of the Wall Street Investor, the Harvard MBA, Wall Street’s foot solider ensures the lion’s share of the money earned by the company ends up back with the Wall Street Investors. With their supply chains, they are destroying America’s manufacturing base and sending the work “jobs” off-shore (China). By the year 2,000 70,000 manufacturing companies closed their doors and 5.6 million manufacturing jobs have been lost, and it has only gotten worse. We at QPS have a mission statement to re-shore manufacturing back to America.

Please take the time to discover our Cloud offering, we don’t sell software and with a six-weekno-cost discovery if at any time you don’t want our solution you pay nothing during the discovery process. What have you got to lose? Take our guided tour of the Profit Assurance System and go for a Demo it has delivered over 200 million dollars of manufactured products and services. It works in the service industry also. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Quantum Profit Science Wishes You A Prosperous Business Day.