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We have been in business for 70 years. [Last] year we reduced our staff by 40%, improved the speed of production by 50%, and made all our shipments on time. And the most amazing thing: We were able to write and complete the two largest and most profitable orders in the history of our company. And both of those orders had a 95% profit. In addition, both orders were different blends, required different line process and were packaged differently. Amazingly the profit on both orders, as calculated and managed, using the Quantum Profit Science System was within 1% of each other. That is due to the fact that the QPS system calculates what they call “Equivalent Dollars”. The QPS System enabled the changes we needed to stay competitive. If you have the opportunity to use this System you will want to take a picture of your company before you start, because Quantum Profit Science will make your company look a lot differently, better afterwards.

Bardahl, Seattle, WA - Kurt Manchester, VP Operations

The year BEFORE we started working with the Quantum Profit-Science System...we lost $613,489. In one year of using the Quantum Profit Science System we earned $293,900 EBIT. The second year of using the system we earned $835,570 EBIT. We doubled sales and added fewer than five new employees.

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Supplier to Boeing, Seattle, WA - Vinit Chitnes, Owner

The Quantum Profit Science System is more capable than we ever thought possible. Evergreen Industries was $1.2 million dollars behind schedule . . . With Quantum Profit Science we were able to accomplish a complete turnaround. Bank of America had seen turnarounds before, but not with the accuracy against projections which we accomplished by using the Quantum Profit System. The change in our EBIT in one year was $1,810,411. And out of 8,000 first-tier suppliers, our company was awarded Boeing supplier of the year.

Aerospace First-Tier Subcontractor to Boeing, Seattle, WA - Roy M. Berger, Owner

I learned more about my business in the last year working with Quantum Profit Science, and using Profit Scheduling (A module of the Quantum Profit Science System), than I learned in the last 25 years. We now plan everything around profit and then we manage everything in real-time according to that profit plan. By using Profit Scheduling, we know the required revenue for every purchase order, which is called the profit value. And the profit value is based on the “Demand Contribution Margin” including, material, outsourcing and our labor hours calculated as “Planned Profit Velocity”. We also use “Flex Entitlement Pay” to pay employees for achieving performance objectives and the “GainShare Program”, to incent and reward the entire company for performing better than planned. These “compensation programs” are part of the Quantum Profit Science System.

Commercial Cabinet Manufacture, Whidbey Island, WA - Lynn Wellman, Owner

I was thinking of selling my business, because I had very little return for all my hard work and all the long hours I was putting in. . . Getting help from the Quantum Profit Science System was the 2nd best decision I ever made, next to buying my own business in the first place. . . I wish I had been using Quantum Profit Science since the start of my business 11 years ago! But better late than never. Quantum Profit Science helped me to get through the entire 1995 financial year and that year we increased our profits 700%. I made more in that first year of using Quantum Profit Science than I did in all the past 11 years of business combined! I have no idea how the math of Quantum Profit Science works, but the System always proves to be exactly right. The Founder of Quantum Profit Science gave me great assistance, and showed me how to manage the finances and operations of my business with much greater efficiency and accuracy. I think his expertise and the effectiveness of his system this the result of all the years he spent working on the plant floor as a machinist. He knows the company from the bottom up, and I based on the return I got from his System and Assistance, I can’t believe how little I paid him. I just went on my 6th week of vacation this year and I have more money than I have ever had in my life. So if you want more money and more time off, Quantum Profit Science can make that happen for you.

Special Interest - Doug Tungel, Owner

Historically, our company has always been on the verge of going out of business. The last few years, I had a lot of stress about not being able to pay the bills. Our company was way behind in payables and we were desperate. But now [at the time of this testimonial] as a result of using Quantum Profit Science, my company has $100,000 of short-term assets, $48,000 in savings and $52,000 in receivables. Payables are current. For 11 years our company struggled. But with the help of Quantum Profit Science we not only gained control of our finances, we also purchased the building we had been renting for over ten years. The banker said we could not have done this without Quantum Profit Science! In addition Quantum Profit Science helped us solve many of the problems that are common to a family-owned business . . . Quantum Profit Science has been a gift to us, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to them.

Bel-Red - Maxine Hunt, Owner

We were virtually out of business and couldn’t meet payroll. In addition, the IRS was at our door. We were $65,000 in debt and about to lose our home and everything we had worked for all our lives. . . Quantum Profit Science literally saved our business. We are now less than $10,000 in debt and able, for the first time, to pay back a large loan my mother gave us to help save the business. Since June we have produced $25,000 of profit and are continuing improvement in all areas of the business. I have found that each time Quantum Profit Science made a suggestion that was hard for us to understand, it was always right! Not only were the numbers correct, but also the strategy on how to best run our business. The name of this company ’Quantum Profit Science’ describes their services perfectly. This System gave us profit information, financial and operational insights we would have never had without it! Thanks to Quantum Profit Science, we were able to successfully sell our business and we are now happily retired and enjoying life.

Evergreen Auto Works - Dwight and Arlene Odem, Owners

At Sankin Japan, we made the decision to establish a Manufacturing Base in the United States, because 80% of our customers were in the USA. After two years of operation in the US, we experienced a 300% turnover rate. It was clear that the culture in the US was very different from that of Japan. Additionally, for the first time, we were not accomplishing our financial Requirement. . . We engaged Quantum Profit Science (QPS) to help us turn things around QPS installed Profit Scheduling and, as a result, we had a complete turnaround. We then brought founder of the QPS System to Japan to show Sank in Corporate how Profit Scheduling worked. We discovered it not only provides a predicted profit, but it eliminates the element of surprise from our results.

Sankin Corporation of Japan - Mr. Suzuki, Founder

Many businesses plan for success, but in truth, half our plans are wishful thinking. The Quantum Profit Science System literally forced us into our own profitability plan, daily. With this technology we can see, every day, whether we are meeting our incremental goals, or going off course. Finally we have the tools to see the ramifications of each new job we take on, where it has to be priced to be profitable, and whether or not we should take on the job. Our employees feel more secure, because they know their bonuses are in savings, as is the rest of our company profit. We are prepared, well ahead of time, for 'down times', and this year, at the end of the year, there is plenty of money in the bank.

Abossein Engineering - Alexander Abossein, Owner

The Founder of Quantum Profit Science was given Operational and Financial responsibility for three divisions of General Electric: The Jet engine group, Component Repair, and the Specialty Heating Division. Under his guidance the Gross profit was increased over $3,000,000, quality was improved over 7% and scrap reduced to less than 2%.

The General Electric Company

The Founder of Quantum Profit Science (QPS) was invited to participate in a feasibility study with the Boeing Company. The study was funded by the Air Force. Out of 8,000 Boeing Suppliers, the Founder of QPS was the only individual invited to participate in the study, focused on advanced machining systems, both enabling and emerging. The Chairman of Boeing at the time of the study was T.A. Wilson. When asks why he invited the Founder of QPS to participate in the study his answer was: “The Founder of QPS pioneered the first successful access to the Boeing CAD Data sets which, as a result, evolved into CATIA ... he has the mind and technology to improve everything in manufacturing”

Boeing Company - T.A. Wilson Chairman

The Founder of QPS is a brilliant inventor and turnaround artist who has created the only tool I have ever seen that operationalizes the Theory of Constraints. He created this tool through decades of factory work from the shop floor to General Management. His tool by transforming the P&L from a relatively useless and distracting fiction into a tool that connects directly to the core of the business plan. He then links it [the P&L] transparently and effectively to every hour of direct labor, providing the only thing I have ever seen that fully integrates operating reality with the levers to sculpt financial results.

Jahn Ballard, Owner - PMI Financial Dashboard

Profit Scheduling is the most exciting new concept I have been exposed to since the Theory of Constraints! Focusing your business on profit, rather than revenue, will truly revolutionize how you manage your business and cause your employees to take profit seriously. You are probably wasting millions of dollars in potential profit because you are not using profit scheduling. Of course, to use profit scheduling you will need an automated tool and, to my knowledge, Quantum Profit Science has the only tool that currently exists to implement profit scheduling.

Dr. Dean Spitzer - Author of Transforming Measurement and seven other books & Founder of the Research Roundtable on Service Performance Measurement

We were looking for an inexpensive ERP system for our small machine job shop. We felt the combination of QPS Profit Scheduling and QuickBooks would meet most of our needs to manage our company. To our surprise, we had no idea how effective QPS Profit Scheduling would be in planning, scheduling, measuring, and rewarding for profit. I had no idea we could take action while producing our products. For the first time, profit is not a trailing indicator. Our major client made the decision to have us purchase the material. Prior to that, the material had always been supplied. We were introduced to what is called equivalent dollars. We learned how to right-size and manage our estimates and the subsequent purchasing and the related work order connection. We had the most profitable year in the history of the company. We would have lost our company if not for QPS Profit Scheduling.

Ken Baker, CFO

This system helped to keep bids within the range of profitability and also helped to reduce losses on jobs that were not profitable. The system helps companies make accurate financial decisions, [which can lead to] a profitable company with the ability to look forward to a secure future.

Arleene & Dewight Odem, Owners

We had lost $1,226,870 prior to enlisting the help of QPS Profit Scheduling. In ten months we reversed the financial fortunes to $39,456 in the black. I had no idea how little control I had over the financial results until I utilized Profit Scheduling. I would never run this company without it.

Jerry Dow, Owner

The most wonderful thing for us knows exactly how much money from each client to put in our accounts for taxes, bonuses, profits, growth & development, and infrastructure. This year we know exactly what we need before we need it, and we have more than what is needed for every single expense!

Quantum Profit Science Wishes You A Prosperous Business Day.